Powerful Release Notes for your Software Product

Keep your users up to date with every Release.

With Releasebox.io you can simply manage your product-releases and all changes with a flick of your finger. Let your users always know, what's new and on track in later releases.

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Keep in touch

Agile teams are able to inform their users about all changes in a quick and easy way to understand way and can keep close contact with the customers.

Simple to manage

With the simple and intuitive web-interface your teams is able to simply manage the changes even if they change themselve spontaneously.


Give your users Access to the public Release Note-Page or integrate it simply in your application.

Simple Changelog Management with focus on your Users

Creating simple Changelogs is a huge challenge in the development process. They can't be to techy but require detailed informations on the other hand.

With Releasebox.io you can simply manage your new features, updates and fixes in a product. Write short an understandable informations for Customers and more detailed notes for your Team.

Shouldn't Release Notes represent your hard work?

A lot of teams invest time in creating well describing Changelogs and send them as a text-file which sadly almost no user will read.

You and your team invests a lot of time in building great features for your products. So let the users see the hard work and notify them with beautiful Release Notes.

See the demo-page.

Releasebox.io is the tool of your choice.

Simple management-interface for your team, simple and beautiful Release Notes for your customers. Your team and users will love it.


Manage your features, changes and fixes with public and private informations. Assign them to releases with simple drag-and-drop.

Public and private Page

One Page for your users, one page for your team with different informations. Display changes in development only for your team or links to your project-management. Give your users a simplified description of the change.

Customizable, responsive design

Style your pages with customized logo and colors for better integration in your project. Always pixel-perfect for all screen sizes.

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